Sunday, March 7, 2010

Masterbating..girls..bath faucet shower head???

on Yahoo answers i see ways to masterbate like A bath faucet %26amp; a shower head But how do you do that,how does it feel good

Do you turn the water on..i tried the bath faucet but it didnt feel good.

Maybe i was doing it wrong?Masterbating..girls..bath faucet shower head???
Turn the water on warm, scoot your butt down in the tub so the water falls on your clit (you might want to adjust the flow to just a little bit at first and see how that goes)... and just lie there letting the water run there for a few minutes (might be a lot less than that) - adjusting your position or the water flow to whatever feels best. Almost for sure, you'll have an orgasm if you do it long enough... but depending on your body's preferences (girls/women are all different), it might or might not be a ';really good'; one.

Same thing with the shower nozzle if you have one you can hold in your hand.Masterbating..girls..bath faucet shower head???
It worked for me. though i thought i was going to get cancer or something from it...didn't know it was an orgasm that was happening. it's better to know now and i won't feel so gulity because other people do it too.though i was addicted to it when i first discovered it on my own about 4 or 5yrs ago

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It should feel pretty good.

You might wanna do this in the shower unless you want water all over the bathroom!

Hold the shower head beneath your vagina and turn the water on.

DON'T have the water on too hot or it won't be very comfortable, but have it on warm.

Aim the water flow at your clitorus and feel the pleasure...

Hope I helped.
ok its not dangerous at all. if you have a massage shower head it works best. you just lay under it and sppread your legs. let the water hit your clit and you can always adjust yourself if it gets to be uncomfortable. it feels really good and i orgasm everytime. no one can hear me though cause the shower is pretty loud.

try again, but it takes some time for it to start to feel good.

---have fun ; )
you turn the shower on,

layon your back,

spread you legs,

use your fingers and spread your';lips';

+%26amp; find the right spot.

it feels amazing,

but gets very intense.
this may be weird but i usally get on my bed, lay on my stomach, get on a cornor, and start humping it. i don't know if this is masturbating but it feels really good.
Hi there, I use my shower head and hold it against my clitoris, Your shower head should have different water settings, pick your favorite and let the water spurt right on your clit.
Don't listen to Johnny W, he doesn't know what he's talking about..You don't use it like a penis on the wall...Yes you turn the water on, and let it run over your clit.
its easy, but what works for others may not work for you. :) let me know if i can help
i dont really no about that make sure you dont actually put it in there... that cud be dangerous..
me 2 didn't work either
didnt work for me either it just made my legs twitch lol
what may work for others may not turn you on
no you don't turn the water on you just bend over on your hands and knees and backup to the bath facuet and press your vagina against it so it goes into your vagina, it's like a penis on a wall
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